Monday, July 15, 2013

Light of memory, light of experience in "Double Village" 20 Jul, Luz

Light of experience, light of memory, light of life, is part of the Double Village show, at the Luz ("Light") Museum, Mourão, Portugal.
This work originates from a documentary project carried out between 2000 and 2003 centered on the Aldeia da Luz ("Village of Light") before the relocation of its population to a new site above the
Alqueva Dam waterline. Part of the Double Village exhibition,  Light of Experience, Light of life is a group of 70 photographs about the life in the original village, presented in a famiy snapshot format. Other photographic exhibits by António Carrapato, Benjamin Enes Pereira and Pedro Pacheco. The RTP link below gives an overall view of the show.
links: RTP, Museu da Luz, Viragem Lab (Printer António José Costa's Facebook page in Portuguese)
Light of experience, light of life